What is an Area Cleansing Stream Retreat?

The Cleansing Stream Retreat is an integral part of the Cleansing Stream Seminar process where participants who have attended the seminar come together to receive healing and deliverance ministry. The area retreat is a continuous time of worship, praise, prayer  and ministry whereby participants receive healing and deliverance through teaching, prayer and personal ministry.

The focus of the retreat is on healing of the soul and prayer. Several major life issues which can affect many believers today are addressed at each retreat. Topics most often addressed include fear, orphan heart, guilt, shame, healing of a broken heart, passage to purity, and resurrection life.

Another focus of the retreat is to disciple participants in appling  the taught Biblical truths and methods as they experience  personal healing and freedom, through the retreat. This enables their personal healing and freedom to continue to grow after they have completed the Cleansing Stream seminar and to adopt a healthy life style in their daily walk with God.

What Can I expect at an area retreat?

Whether you come as a participant or serve on a  ministry team, God’s presence will change your life forever! We encourage everyone to attend retreat. Alumni from previous Cleansing Stream Seminars are encouraged and welcome to participate in the retreat as often as they choose, to continue to grow in God’s love, healing and freedom. The retreat is led by leaders experienced in the Cleansing Stream ministry, most often either national leaders of Cleansing Stream Ministries Canada or a regional/area coordinators.

Trained ministry teams at all retreats enable all participants to receive personal ministry covered by strong intercession throughout the retreat.  These volunteers are trained and discipled, primarily through participation in Cleansing Discipleship Training Courses in partnering churches in the area.  They must also attend the ministry training sessions that are part of each area retreat.

Ministry workers have well defined roles, structures and guidelines to follow during the retreat to ensure a consistent and coherent approach to Cleansing Stream retreats. The structure is designed to assist in the retreat experience and give participants confidence in the training and care of the various ministry teams.

Most important – Ministry guidelines and processes stress the importance of ensuring that the area retreat be a safe place for everyone participating to receive healing and freedom in their lives.

What are Topics are addressed at an area retreat?

The topics presented may vary from retreat to retreat as the Lord leads. However, the topics described below are a part of many retreats.

Trauma (New Topic)
Trauma is the result of hurtful and wounding tragic events that we experience. It may or may not involve physical injury, but almost always has an impact or effect mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These events can cause profound feelings of fear, confusion, loss, hopelessness, despair, and anger.

Orphan Heart
Many people have an ‘Orphan’ experience, which will affect our heart, throughouth our lives through  hurtful actions taken against us, becoming  deeply wounded or abused. If not corrected, will lead to a lifestyle affected by the orphan heart.  You might even be living a lifestyle developed over time because of the wounds you have experienced.

The words I listen to…and speak agreement with…will determine whether I live by faith or by fear. We can see this in Romans 10:17 and Proverbs 18:21. As we hear God’s word and agree by speaking it out, proclaiming and declaring it as truth, then “FAITH” is established. However, if I listen to and agree with the lies of the enemy and speak those lies with my mouth, then “FEAR” is established.

Guilt, Shame  & Condemnation

  • Guilt…is how we…feel about the things… in our lives that were wrong or sinful…what we have done or been involved in. Guilt is a normal, honest response of our conscience.
  • Shame…on the other hand, is how we…feel about ourselves… or…how we…seeourselves…because of bad things in our lives. Shame can come either from things we have done, or things that have happened to us, such as sexual abuse or violation.
  • Condemnation…is the accusing voice of the enemy telling us how bad we have been and how unworthy we are. Condemnation, which comes from Satan, is intended to push us down and to make us feel defeated and unworthy of God’s love, grace, and acceptance.

Passage To Purity
Most of us have at least some understanding of what sexual sin is, but do we really understand how destructive it is? We encourage you…let your heart and your eyes be open to see and receive understanding today…God wants us to see this truth and the freedom it will bring.

Resurrection Life
The assignment of this spirit (the spirit of death) is to:

  • STEAL our vision, hopes, dreams, & joy – By introducing discouragement, defeat, despair & depression.
  • KILL our physical body & mental capacity – By introducing sickness, disease, mental disorders and suicidal thoughts.
  • DESTROY our relationships – By introducing confusion, selfishness, betrayal & destructive choices


How Often  are area Cleansing Stream Retreats held?

The frequency of area retreats will vary from region to region across Canada. Usually they are held once or twice a year to coincide with the timing of the Cleansing Stream seminars being run in local churches.   This is usually means November for Seminars in the autumn season,  and April/May for seminars running during the winter/spring seasons. Typically area retreats are two day events for participants, most often  held Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

For information  for  upcoming area retreats in your area, check the Retreat Event Schedule or contact the National Office for Cleansing Stream Ministries Canada at info@cleansingstream.ca

How much does it cost  to attend the retreat?

The registration costs vary from retreat to retreat and region to region as a result of many factors. Also special rates may apply for students, youths, alumni (returning participants) and for visiting Pastors interested in starting a Seminar at their church.

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