What is the Cleansing Stream Seminar?
The Cleansing Stream Seminar is a 10 to 12 week seminar for all believers to learn how to apply practical Biblical truths and disciplines in the areas of personal healing and deliverance, and to grow in their daily relationship and walk with God.

An integral part of the seminar is an Area Retreat where participants receive healing and deliverance, and learn how to apply the tools from the seminar in their daily lives.

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What Topics are Included in the Cleansing Stream Seminar?

The Cleansing Stream Seminar has Six major sessions, each of which has teaching, personal study, reading, and group discussion. Additional topics are included in the Area Cleansing Stream Retreat. All topics presented are designed to prepare participants for personal healing and deliverance.


Session One: Knowing the Father

For some, it will be another step in a journey that began long ago, for others it will be the beginning. Whichever it is, the Lord desires to walk with us.

What does it mean to know the Father?
The purpose of this session is to show that everything Jesus did was because of His direct relationship to the Father. In like manner, He wants us to have the Father’s wisdom and guidance in our thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions.

You will discover;

  • What it mean to Know the Father.
  • Why it is important to Know the Father and
  • How can we get to Know the Father.


Session Two: Walking in the Spirit

The purpose of this session is to show that God has given directions concerning His kingdom and everything we need in order to fulfill them.  That “everything” is the Holy Spirit who has come not only to walk with us as a friend and counselor, but One who can also uniquely live within us.  It is through the Holy Spirit that we find power to live a godly life.

You will discover;

  • What it means to Walk in the Spirit,
  • Why Walk in the Spirit, and
  • How do we Walk in the Spirit.


Session Three:  Committing Everything to God

The purpose of this session is to show what it means in terms of commitment to live presently in God’s kingdom.  What happens when a person comes out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of Light?

In this session we will look at three important questions:

  • What does it mean to Commit Everything to God?
  • Why should we learn to Commit Everything to God? And
  • How do we learn to Commit Everything to God?


Session Four:  Speaking Words of Life

The purpose of this session is to show that most things about us are reflected in our words.  However many of us are unaware of the impact they make.  It is vital that we learn a new language – the language of a New Kingdom.

In this session we will look at three important questions:

  • What does it mean to Speak Words of Life?
  • Why should we Speak words of Life? And
  • How do we Speak Words of Life?


Session Five: Entering the Cleansing Stream

The purpose of this session is to show that although we have come to Christ and entered into new life in Him, there are still bondages that cling to our lives – things that must be dealt with if we are live in God’s abundance and freedom.

In this session we will look at three important questions:

  • What does it mean to Enter the Cleansing Stream?
  • Why should we Enter the Cleansing Stream? And
  • How do we Enter the Cleansing Stream?


The Area Cleansing Stream Retreat

At the Area Retreat, participants receive teaching, discipleship and personal ministry concerning issues which can bring hurt, resistance and bondage into their lives. Examples include fear, rejection,  guilt, shame, sexual impurity, abuse and Identity theft protection.

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The Area Cleansing Stream Retreat

The purpose of this session is to keep you moving towards the goal and to show you that Christianity is not a passive belief system.  Among other things it is a warfare reality.  To survive mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically there is “boot camp” training to assure, not only survival but success!

In this session we will look at three important questions:  What does it mean to Press toward the Goal? Why should we Press toward the Goal? And  How do we Press toward the Goal?


How Does the Cleansing Stream Seminar Work?

The Cleansing Stream Seminar is designed to operate in the local church under the leadership of the local Pastor or leader designated by the Pastor.

A complete Leadership Package is available for those leaders who decide to conduct the Cleansing Stream Seminar in their church, including Instruction Manuals, training DVDs, and a participant package.

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It is recommended that the approach selected to conduct the Cleaning Stream Seminar in your church contain the following elements for each session:

  1. DVD Teachings: View the seminar teachings, including the wise counsel and  encouragement from Pastor Jack Hayford at the end of each teaching. Participants take notes in their  Seminar workbook.
  2. Participant Resources: Participants complete the homework assigned for each session. This includes further study exercises, reading the  books, CDs and daily scriptures assigned for that session.
  3. Small Group Discussion: A small group setting is recommended, promoting discussion for three basic questions about the Session’s foundational truth: What is it” Why do it? How do we do it?
  4. Putting it into Practice: Encourage your group to hear the Word and put it into practice!

There are several different ways and variations possible to conduct the seminar in your local church. The presentation methods can be adapted to accommodate the circumstances and culture.  It is a good idea to talk to other leaders who have already conducted the Seminar in their church to find useful ideas and avoid pitfalls where others have learned through experience what works best in their setting.

Typically leaders have found that approaches which include the following work in most settings:

  • Weekly meetings, 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.
  • Using small group formats to maximize discussion and learning how to apply what is learned.
  • Each session takes two or three weeks to cover the content and activities thoroughly, and to give the participants time to do the assigned work at home.
  • Participation in the area or regional retreat is considered an essential component of the seminar.
  • Session Six wherever possible being presented after participants have attended the Area Retreat.


How Often are area Cleansing Stream Retreats held?

The frequency of area retreats will vary from region to region across Canada. Usually they are held once or twice a year to coincide with the timing of the Cleansing Stream seminars being run in local churches. This is usually means November for Seminars in the autumn season, and April/May for seminars running during the winter/spring seasons. Typically area retreats are one day events for participants, most often held Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

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