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Local church leaders typically present the Cleansing Stream Seminar in their church once or twice a year. Most often this results in the Seminars being held during the autumn and/or through the late winter and early spring seasons.

To find a local church that is presenting the Cleansing Stream Seminar near you, click on the location finder below. Find a church on the list that is close to your area, then contact them directly to obtain the information concerning the Cleansing Stream Seminar in their church.

  • A Message from our Directors

    Over 15 years ago, my wife (Susan) and I were introduced to Cleansing Stream Ministries (CSM). Since, God has used CSM to cultivate fruitfulness and long term discipleship in our own personal spiritual journey...

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    Everyone has a story. We have gathered up just some of those stories to help inspire and encourage people to learn more about Cleansing Stream Ministries. Learn more about what people have to say about Cleansing Stream Ministries.

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    You have questions? We have answers! If you have questions about Cleansing Stream Ministries or are looking to start a seminar at your church, read our list of frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us today.

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