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Your marriage is likely the most important investment you will ever make!  It has the potential for great risk and great reward. For most people, marriage doesn’t come naturally!  It’s a commitment to a life-long process of learning to love.

MARRIAGELIVE provides the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your spouse and your relationship that can help your love grow.

“MARRIAGELIVE was a good reminder of how it takes time and effort to make a great marriage. It helped us realize how important it is to identify and turn off the distractions and make time for each other.”

MARRIAGELIVE combines individual study, small group meetings and a MARRIAGELIVE Event to promote new love and healing in your relationship.

  • Individual Study – Working privately through the MARRIAGELIVE workbook, couples will consider how their history and behaviour impacts their marriage; learning to respond in healthy ways to what they are discovering.
  • Small Group Meetings – Facilitated by your local church, couples will have an opportunity to watch the MARRIAGELIVE video teachings by John and Lisa Bevere and participate in a non-threatening small group for discussions, support and prayer.
  • MARRIAGELIVE Event – Couples attend a one day MARRIAGELIVE Event that includes four inspirational teaching sessions, meaningful interactions with one another and time for personal prayer and reflection.  The Event helps couples to rediscover their first love and find purpose in being together, forever.

Download MarriageLIVE Pamphlet (PDF Format)

Your MarriageLIVE package includes

  • Two Personal Workbooks for Individual Study
  • Two Registrations to the MARRIAGELIVE Event
  • Lunch for Two at the MARRIAGELIVE Event
  • Two MARRIAGELIVE Event Workbooks
  • John and Lisa Bevere Video Teaching Night
  • Participation in Small Group Meetings Cost: $149/couple
  • Event Only: $99/couple

To register for MARRIAGELIVE please contact your church representative.
Please direct any questions to marriagelive@cleansingstream.ca

“MARRIAGELIVE helped me to see how the challenging circumstances of my past have negatively impacted the way I relate and communicate with my wife. With awareness, has come the opportunity for change.”
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