Greetings from Cleansing Stream Ministries.
It has been 4 years since Sue and I led a team of 12 to Rwanda where we ministered to 120 pastors and leaders through the CS seminar and 2 Retreats. It was miraculous to say the least. I have put together a short presentation of the trip. Please take a couple minutes and watch!

This past March, I was invited to have lunch with the Pastor from Rwanda who had hosted us on our previous mission’s trip. He was here as a part of a Rwandan delegation who had been invited by Western University for special meetings. During lunch with Pastor Francis Kabango, (the national director of Alpha for Rwanda and pastor in Kigali), we were joined by Arch Bishop Kolini of the Church of England (Rwanda) and the Minister of Higher Education for Rwanda.

This was a supernatural, God opening a door, meeting! After sharing about the ministry of Cleansing Stream ministries, Arch Bishop looked into my eyes and said, “Our Pastors need this! They need to be taught about God’s healing and delivering power!” At the end our meeting, I was invited to come back to Rwanda and train their pastors to help their people receive the freedom and healing God has for them. My most recent conversation with Pastor Francis from Rwanda was in April 2016. He again re affirmed the great need for Pastors and leaders to be trained in the ministry of healing and deliverance and is currently working on a plan to secure more affordable accommodations for a future team.

The challenge is great to finance a second trip to Rwanda but God continues to open the door for us to bring His freeing, healing message to the Rwandan people.


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Thank you for your partnership in this Kingdom adventure. We are believing for a great harvest and fruitfulness in the nation of Rwanda.

Advancing His Kingdom Together
Dave Andrews

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